Kristaps Porzingis: On His Way Back?



Kristaps Porzingis warming up for his next team?

Levin Rahn, Sports Beat

In early February of 2018, the New York Knicks played against the Milwaukee Bucks. After ten minutes in the game, the star player of the Knicks, Kristaps Porzingis, jumped and dunked the ball hard in the basket. Giannis Antetokounmpo, the best player of the Bucks tried to block Porzingis and jumped after him.

As Porzingis landed, he accidentally collided with Giannis and fell down. He tried to get his balance back but landed on the side of his knee. He screamed for a second, but the game was still going on and nobody gave any attention to him. After 20 seconds, the coach of the Knicks and another player ran to Porzingis. He left the court with their help and disappeared into the locker room. For the next 12 hours, nobody knew what the injury was like. In the evening of the next day, it was sure, Porzingis had torn his ACL.

Usually, this is an injury which can end a sports career easily, but Porzingis was determined to come back. Not even a half an hour after the injury Porzingis was trying to get back onto the court, but the team doctor advised him not to. They checked out his knee and realized that his ACL was torn.

The next day he stated that he will come back stronger and better than before the injury. On February 13th, he had a surgery to ankle a replacement in his left knee. Usually, this is a poor decision because the leg will not be able to move for a long time. However, in this surgery, they preferred it because the knee would be more stable and the recovery will be faster.

It is always hard to get back from an injury like this. About two and a half years ago the same injury happened to me and it is still hard to balance on this leg. On February 13th of 2018, Porzingis got to the hospital to get his surgery. Everything went fine and the swelling went back. The next day Porzingis got a lot of messages and he tried to do muscle practice again. Carlon Colker, his medical doctor, created a whole workout and not even 21 days later Porzingis could walk without crutches. His brothers, who were both Pro basketball players, helped him with his injury and after a month Porzingis began to walk normal again.

Now there was still a long way to go until he could be back on the court. He took his time, to work with a few new sponsors and his fans. In the summer of 2018, he traveled to Germany to promote his signature shoe. In May, he went to Madrid in Spain and began to practice with the ball again. He had to rebuild his whole muscular system in his left leg and he still struggled with running and jumping with his left knee. During this time he talked a lot about the injury in his mind. Now, four months out of the surgery, he was allowed to jump again and he got back to his old diet.

The latest piece of information about Porzingis was on December 2018, where the San Antonio Spurs handed a huge trade offer to the New York Knicks to get Porzingis to Texas. It is always hard to get back from an injury like this and the biggest question is still: Will he be the same? It is still undecided when he will come back, but it will be this spring. Everybody is excited to watch him play after this devastating injury and we wish him the best!