XXXTENTACION Presents: Members Only, Vol. 4 Overview


David Mills, Music Beat

Members Only, Vol. 4 is the fourth Members Only album from XXXTENTACION and Members Only, which was released on January 23, 2019. XXXTENTACION was murdered on June 18, 2018, and after his death, members and associate’s of Members Only wanted to honor X by giving his fans the 4th Members Only.

Craig Xen, one of the members, was the first to confirm the album on June 30, 2018, and shortly after other members such as Ski Mask the Slump God, and Kin$oul, posted snippets of the song “Empty”. During the course of a few months, although various members kept teasing the project, the release date still hadn’t been confirmed.

Fast forward to January 9, 2019, and XXXTENTACION’s estate finally announced the release date of Members Only, Vol. 4. The teaser video for the project would be reposted by several of the members of the group hyping up the project to come.

On January 21, 2019, several members posted the official cover artwork and tracklist for the project. And finally on January 23, 2019, Members Only, Vol. 4 was released bringing many fans joy, having his album released on what would’ve been X’s  21st birthday.


The tracklist is as follows:


  • Corey’s Intro – Corey
  • Nothing – Craig Xen, Cooliecut, & Killstation
  • Gassed Up! – XXXTENTACION, Bass Santana, Kin$oul, Kid Trunks, & Flyboy Tarantino
  • Plottin – Kid Trunks, Flyboy Tarantino, & Robb Bank$
  • Pick Your Poison – Tankhead & Ikabod Veins
  • Fall in Love with Death – Bass Santana, Cooliecut, & Kin$oul
  • Love Hard, Fall Fast – Flyboy Tarantino & Craig Xen
  • Now or Never – Flyboy Tarantino, Craig Xen, & KidWay
  • Cold Weather – Killstation, Cooliecut, & Craig Xen
  • Touch Eem Body – XXXTENTACION, Bass Santana, Kin$oul, & Reddz
  • Jahseh on my Wrist – Bass Santana, Flyboy Tarantino, Kid Trunks, & Craig Xen
  • He Diddy! – Ski Mask the Slump God
  • You Are Not M.O. – Bass Santana, Kin$oul, Robb Bank$, Bhris, & absentwill
  • Make Eem Run! – Bass Santana, XXXTENTACION, & Ski Mask the Slump God
  • Proud Puppy Lover! – Craig Xen
  • Woah (Freestyle) – Kid Trunks
  • Members Only! – Tankhead, ratchet roach, Flyboy Tarantino, Cooliecut, Kid Trunks, Craig Xen, SB, Kin$oul, & Bass Santana
  • Radar – ratchet roach, Bass Santana, & Robb Bank$
  • Hi Wendy! – XXXTENTACION, Bass Santana, Kin$oul, Kid Trunks, & Flyboy Tarantino
  • Over the Rainbow – Cooliecut, Kin$oul, & Ski Mask the Slump God
  • Red Pills (Love in the Matrix) – Cooliecut & Kin$oul
  • Empty – Cooliecut, Craig Xen, Kin$oul, & Ski Mask the Slump God
  • Rebirth (2016) – XXXTENTACION & Killstation



We are still expecting more music that X hadn’t released. Members Only, Vol. 4 and Skins are only the first projects that will be released. XXXTENTACION is gone, but not forgotten and people such as Members Only will keep his music alive. LLJ.