Becoming a Freshman Again, Starting Over After High School

Aiyana Lopez, Senior Beat

Your whole life you’re told to go to college right after high school. You don’t necessarily have to though. Yes, it’s always a good idea to get a higher education so you can pursue the career that you want to do, but that isn’t always the case. If you don’t want to go to college, there are plenty of things that you can accomplish in life. 

If you’re taking a gap year or not planning on going to college at all, here are some options you have if you decide to go down this route:

Get a job

It’s always a good idea to get a job just so you have some money coming in. If you’re living with your parents, maybe think about saving up for an apartment to live with friends or move in by yourself. 

Join and Serve in the Military 

In the military, there are other things to do than actually be a soldier. For example, you can be a cook or a nurse. It has some benefits in it like having the chance to travel the world, and paying for your college if you ever decide to go and give it a try.

Travel abroad

If you can afford it, it would be an awesome experience to travel around the world by yourself or with a friend. This gives you a chance to experience other people’s cultures.


If you’re struggling on what you want to do, volunteer in fields you’re in interested in and see if it’s for you. You could also volunteer in something you aren’t interested in and open up new options and help you choose your path. 

Start a business

This may sound crazy because starting a business is hard, but if you have something you’re interested in like makeup, hair products, clothing, fragrances or anything of the sort, start little and see if it’s what you want and if you can grow the business! It doesn’t have to be huge. Anything would work, but you have to be serious about it.

Now, for the people that do decide to go to college whether it is right away or not, here are some fun things you can do because school can be stressful. Remember to focus on school first before you do these!

Off-Campus Internship

Yes, you’re learning about the career that you want to go into by being at college, but wouldn’t it be even better if you could actually get the work experience yourself? Doing an off-campus internship on the career you want to pursue could help you get the work experience too!

Tailgate at your school’s games!

Football game coming up? Grab a group of friends, get into the school spirit and tailgate!

Make good friendships

It’s always a good idea to surround yourself with good friends! 

Explore the outdoors

Go hiking! Whether it’s instate or out of state, find somewhere to explore.  Don’t just stay inside all day.