Rams Vs. Patriots: Super Bowl LIII


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Mercedes-Benz Stadium: Site of Super Bowl 53

Myles O'Leary

Super Bowl 53 is set to be a very good and exciting matchup. Both of these teams are teams that advanced to the Super Bowl when  the other teams should have. The Saints got robbed by a terrible call (Sorry Mr. Lambert, he’s a Saints fan) and the Chiefs would have won the game if their Rusher hadn’t of been offside because they got an interception on that play and probably could have run out the clock if they got the ball back. Both of these teams are very good and very talented but these teams should know that they are lucky to be in the Super Bowl.

However, Tom Brady is pretty much the all time GOAT (greatest of all time) and don’t @ me on that and he can definitely win this thing. This is his 9th Super Bowl that he’s ever made it to as the starter and he’s already won 5 out of 8. Tom Brady has brought the Patriots all of their Super Bowls of the Quarterback. The Rams have so much talent on both sides of the ball. On defense they have Aaron Donald and Marcus Peters (to name only a few) who are some of the best at their position. Todd Gurley, Jared Goff and Brandin Cooks are all very good and some of the best at their position.

I’m hoping for a very high scoring game in the Super Bowl between the GOAT and The baby GOATS. Personally, I’m rooting for the Rams because they are fun to watch and the Patriots have too many Super Bowls since 2000. This game should end up being very exciting.