Surpasses 10,000 Page Views in Its Inaugural Semester

<i></i> Surpasses 10,000 Page Views in Its Inaugural Semester

In a year of many firsts for Northfield High School – our first graduating class, our first year with Varsity sports teams, our biggest class ever (Class of 2022) just to name a few – some might overlook another Nighthawk first. In fact, some of you reading this might be overlooking an important first, despite the fact that you’re currently looking directly at it:

Northfield’s first student news publication – The Daily Nighthawk!

Since launching in early September 2018, Northfield journalism students have created content that has been viewed over 10,000 times by over 2,000 individual users.

For a school with under 800 students, no prior newspaper or news site, that has not offered a print edition yet (coming 2019), this level of viewership isn’t just beyond expectations – it’s humbling. We have such an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the support our readers give us simply by viewing our site. We hope to express the depth of our gratitude by continuing to raise the bar for the quality of our content and to offer new types of media in 2019 – podcasts, video, live streaming and more!

What do you want to see from The Daily Nighthawk next semester and beyond?

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