Gift Buying Tips:
What Teens Want

Julia Thayer

Having troubles figuring out what present to ask Santa (or Hanukah Harry) for this Christmas / Hanukah?

Or, are you an adult in desperate need of tips on what presents millennial teenagers want these days?

Well, consider this list your holiday miracle! 


Airpods are a useful and extremely trendy. If you are tired of always getting the wire from your headphones stuck on things, airpods are a great fit for you. They’re $159 at Apple, a little pricey but definitely worth it!

Clarisonic: 10/10 would recommend. It does wonders for your skin. It gives you a wonderful complexion, minimises pores, minimises visibility of eye puffiness, and improves hydration. Can be bought at for $129.

Polaroid Camera: Prints photos in a cute white boarder in a polaroid style. Looks amazing hung up in your room for decoration or put in polaroid frames and set on dressers in nightstand. Can be bought on Amazon for $125 including film and case.

Scrunchies: Scrunchies are a cute simple accessory that look extremely adorable in your hair and don’t leave hair tie marks. Can be bought at Target, Francesca’s, and pretty much any clothing store.

Face Mask Roller: Makes putting on face masks so much easier and less messy. Can be bought at Ulta for $16.

Phone Cases: A great stocking stuffer or small gift to ask for that is useful and adds character to your phone. Can be bought at multiple different stores for prices as low as $5.

Heated Blankets: It’s winter and a heated blanket can solve the problem of constantly being cold no matter how many blankets you have. You can buy them on Amazon from $30 to $100.

Candles: Super cute for decoration and make your room smell amazing. You can get candles at most stores for a fairly cheap price.

Patagonia Fleece: Really warm and fuzzy, great to wear under big jackets or on a cool day. Can be bought at Patagonia or Nordstrom for $120.

Pura Vida Bracelets: Simple adorable bracelets that come in multiple different colors and some bracelets purchased part of the profit goes to a charity.