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Car Wreck on Paul Sandoval Campus:
DSST Students Aid Trapped Driver

December 5, 2018

On November 8, 2018, another normal, boring Thursday morning, people were bustling around trying to make it to work and/or school on time. Everything seemed to be moving smoothly. Until it wasn’t. At 7:45am, four cars were involved in a massive crash on this very campus.

I can’t feel my legs, I can’t feel my legs.”

— Car Wreck Victim

The crash occurred on Central Park blvd, and E-56th ave, when a red Ford F150 collided with a black Hyundai, causing 2 more cars to crash soon after. The man from the red truck, and 5 freshman from DSST quickly rushed to help. We later interviewed these heroic students, getting their take on the incident. 4 of the students, including Chivari Alonso, Declan Blodgett and 2 others who wish to remain anonymous, helped pull a trapped man out of the black Hyundai, saying he couldn’t move his legs.

They told us that all the man could say was, “I can’t feel my legs, I can’t feel my legs.” The victim remained unable to portray any emotion after going into shock.

We asked the students why they felt inclined to help, and they all agreed that it was solely on instinct. “It was the right thing to do.”

One of them revisited his reaction stating, “I heard a huge noise, when I looked out the window and saw the crash, I wondered why nobody was running out to help, so I ran.” Together the man from the red truck, and the students helped pull the injured man out of his car, and supported him until the emergency responders arrived at the scene.

Every one of you has been in a car at one point or another. In fact, you’re probably going to be in one today. They’re used on a daily basis. However, in mere seconds cars and other vehicles can be turned into deadly objects. Tragedy can strike at anytime, and to anyone. Please be careful on the roads, watch where you’re going, slow down, and always help out someone in need. You never know when you’ll be in the same situation.

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