Women’s Winter Fashion: 2018 Trends That Will Become 2019 Musts

As summer and fall 2018 come to a close, we begin to transition into a colder time of the year. With winter 2018-2019 coming around, we have to adjust our wardrobe as well. Here are our tips and top picks for looking stylish this winter! Whether you’re on an outing or at a normal day of school, we’re sure that some of these clothing choices will fit your style.

As winter approaches we can no longer wear our usual sandals and tennis shoes. Keep your feet warm this winter with fashion pieces such as Uggs or thigh-high boots. A pair of Uggs look great paired with black leggings and a nice hoodie or sweatshirt. Thigh-highs are all the rage this winter looking great paired with jeans and a sweater. Timberlands are also a great fashion piece, looking good with almost anything and acting just as durable as they look. If you’re one of the more adventurous types, Birkenstocks and a pair of warm socks look just as good as any other option.

With the cold constantly biting at our skin during the winter months, jackets become a must have for Colorado residents. For thick and warm jackets, Patagonia and North Face are the way to go. They have a great selection of warm jackets that are great for any preference. They carry a variety of colors and styles, a few (or more) of which will suit your fashion tastes. Lighter jackets include windbreakers and bomber jackets. Both are very stylish and will give a pop to your outfit. You can head to your local thrift shop to find some trendy vintage windbreakers, but Nike and Adidas also sell wonderful pieces. Bomber jackets are also a terrific addition brought back from the 60’s, and they can add a great pop of color. A new trend is also teddy jackets which provide a fluffy texture and lots of warmth. Urban Outfitters and I.AM.GIA have some stylish teddy coats for you to choose from.

In the winter months, it’s time to ditch our skirts and shorts and opt for pieces such as leggings and jeans. Lululemon carries a variety of leggings and pants with, tailored to your tastes with different colors and styles to suit your taste and body type. Leggings also look great paired with Uggs or other boots, and they also keep you nice and cozy in the winter. Jeans are also very convenient for winter, and shops such as Pacsun, Topshop, American Eagle, and many others are great places to find jeans. Jeans come in a variety of cuts, styles, and colors, making them a fantastic centerpiece for any type of outfit. Sweat and track pants are also excellent for staying cozy in the winter. Adidas track pants look great styled with long socks, a pair of boots and some cozy sweatpants go great with Uggs.

Tank tops are no longer in style in the winter months. Instead, opt for turtlenecks, thick wooly sweaters, long sleeve tops, hoodies, or sweatshirts. Urban Outfitters and American Eagle have a great selection of sweaters that go great paired with jeans. Pacsun and Forever 21 provides cheap places to look for turtlenecks and long sleeve tops. Prettylittlething, Pacsun, and Urban Outfitters also have an awesome variety of hoodies from brands such as Nike, Adidas, Champion, and Vans.