Northfield Student Council Raising Money for Immigrant Families


Aiyana Lopez-Montoya, News Beat

Northfield High School is going to be helping raise money for Casa De Paz, a charitable organization the helps immigrant families.

Casa De Paz is a non-profit organization located in Green Valley Ranch started by Sarah Jackson. This organization provides housing, meals, visits and transportation for the immigrants that have been released from detention centers, helping them get back on there feet and connect with their family that is living in America.

The student council at Northfield High School leading this fundraiser. They will be collecting toiletry donations from December 3rd to the 14th. There will be boxes in the main building and main lobby that will have your class grade on it. They’re looking for house essentials like paper towels, toilet paper, shampoo, cleaning supplies for clothes and bedroom basics.

In addition to this donation drive, the student council is also putting on ‘half court shots for charity’ during the boys and girls basketball games.  During half time, you can pay $1 to try and make one shot from half court and, if you do end up making the shot, you can win a $25 gift card! All the money from the shots will be donated to Casa De Paz. Cash donations of any amount are also welcome!