Winter Athlete Wishes: Northfield Nighthawk Look Ahead and Set Goals


Alain Wong

Janelle Ortega, Sports Beat

Northfield High School winter sports season is finally here! We asked the athletes who are participating this 2018 season:

  1. What are you looking forward to this season?
  2. What do you hope to accomplish?

Here is what some of our Northfield athletes had to say:

“Growing with the team and playing state.” Hopes to, “make it deep in the playoffs this year” – Diego Dominguez (Boys Basketball)

“Going to playoffs” and “more of a dominant score.” – Nasayah Bolar (Girls Basketball)

“Getting to know all of the team members” and to “make it to the meet” – Sadie Johnson (Swimming)

“Playing in state [tournament]” and to “become a better team player” – Rashiek Gaddis (Boys Basketball)

“To bond as a family and have fun swimming” and to “win at least second place at the A and B meet” – Gloria Terrazas (Swimming)

“Being apart of a first year varsity program” and to “make it to state, or to compete and make a name for our school.” – Joyclyn Reed (Girls Basketball)