Surviving Finals: Advice for Freshmen Students

Surviving Finals: Advice for Freshmen Students

Ashley Budy, Margo Evans, Academic Beat

Finals week is coming up!

If you’re a freshman student, you might be thinking, “Finals? Uh-oh. What’s that?

Finals are the tests that you take for each of your core classes at the end of the semester. Your overall score for finals in each class counts towards your final grade for the semester, which is what will be on your transcripts and determine your credits and GPA. If you fail finals, you are most likely to fail the semester. The final exam is 10 percent of your grade. However, the teacher can choose to have it count for more or less.

But don’t panic, Freshmen! The Daily Nighthawk has gathered advice from your elder Nighthawks (AKA Northfield sophomores and juniors) on how to survive finals week.

Sophomore Student: Get good rest, eat a healthy breakfast, and study hard!

Junior Student: Go to tutoring and don’t put off studying until the last minute. If you don’t like studying alone, hang with friends and get a little group together.

No matter what, just do your best. You’re gonna rock this! Good luck!