You Don’t Know Jack: How Do We Communicate?

November 16, 2018

Let me pose a question. How do we communicate? Is the way we communicate today the same we communicated in the past? A bit of history, paper was invented in 100 BC. The pen was invented in 1866. In 1775 the mail system was invented. In 1876 we got our first phones. In 1973 we got the mobile phone. In 1983 the internet came along. You see where I’m going with this. 1992 texting. 2011 Snapchat came along. So I gave you a bunch of dates. I’m sure you’re bored now but stay with me. The way communicate has change over and over again and it keeps changing. 

Jack Seward
Jack Seward in all of his glory.

In the midst of this neat thing we call life we realize how communication is key. Now I’m not in the business of giving out advice, but if I may give out some unsolicited advice, in 20 years no one will care what you said today, no one will care how you looked. The only thing they will care about is the way you acted.

So as we go about our days and our weeks, our months, years, decades let’s think about what we are doing and why we are doing it. Is what we are doing brining us joy or helping the world be a better place. Is what I am saying making or breaking? Remember how I mentioned communication being key that is what will make or break. If you are able communicate better, do it. If you can communicate and you are not, do it.

Put down the Snappy chats, instafaces and have a conversation. Talk to people it will make a difference. Let’s talk more and grip less. Let’s communicate with each other. Why? Because it makes the world a better place.

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