Top 5 Winter Boots of 2018-2019

Sinan Rahn, Art & Fashion Beat

Columbia Bugaboot Plus IV

Good isolating shoes for the winter of 2018, these shoes     are light and also very tight and so they give a good hold for the foot. With a price of $145 they are expensive, compared to the other winter shoes this year.

Kamik NationPlus

If you’re looking for warm shoes, these are perfect. They are also made that they feel comfortable. With $75 they have a good price. The only really bad thing is, that they will lose their tight and this is also because the shoe is made with some really cheap materials.

Cabela’s Predator Extreme

If you want to be outside and it is really cold you can choose these shoes, because they are made with high quality materials. These are the most stylish shoes on this list. Bad things are, that you have to buy almost one size bigger, because these are too small. If the weather gets warmer these shoes can get very uncomfortable.  

Salomon Quest Winter GTX

This shoe got a perfect all-around design, but the shoe was made for much walking, so if you look for a shoe for a long hike or a long time outside these shoes are the best. Also if you walk around in your school, these shoes looks really good. For me these are the most stylish shoes on this list. The price is not bad, but still a little bit too high, with $180.

L.L. Bean Boots 8 Thinsulate

These shoes are a really good mix of performance and fashion. These have a beautiful look of leather with a good structure around the leg. These have a clean look, because they have a polished looking front part. That is what I like about these. These shoes are also the most stylish in the USA. These are also the shoes I would buy.