The Art of Teaching Art at Northfield High School

Blanca Monge, Art & Fashion Beat

Recently, two of Northfield’s art teachers sat down to discuss why they love teaching their Art class. What are your goals for the year for your students?

Mr. Judd: To see students ownership over their own development and students observation of their learning goals and to see them master those learning goals.

Ms. Harper: I want the students to find there artistic voice and to openly express who they are and to feel comfortable expressing that voice. What are some of the art skills that you want to show your students?

Mr. Judd: To have resilience and perseverance and without out those thing great art is not impossible. What do you love about art and what’s your experience with it?

Mr. Judd: The meditative of art that he keeps working hard and coming back to it.

Ms. Harper: The experience of art and going to places seeing other art work and taking students with her. What do you want your students to know about art?

Ms. Harper: To learn the process of art and making it and being in the moment with it and face the challenges with it.

Mr. Judd: To embrace those aspects and to take risk of art and to take artistic risk. Are there any art shows coming up?

Ms. Harper: We participate in an Art Show competition for all DPS schools and compete with other schools and last year we had 6 out of 10, top 3 top art schools. What would you like the staff and students of Northfield High School to know about art?

Mr. Judd: Art is hard and to understand hard thing to active but a beautiful thing when  people find success in it.

Ms. Harper: Art is something to enjoy the surface of and get into the actual process of that moment of inspiration and it takes time of planning and sketching.