Classic Movie Review: The Ring

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Sinan Rahn, Movies & TV Beat

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The Ring is a horror movie released in 2002 and directed by Gore Verbinski. The movie won the Saturn Award in 2002 and the MTV Movie Award in 2003. The music in the movie was made by Hans Zimmer. The movie has a time of 115 minutes and it was produced in the US. The movie is based on the story of another movie from 1998 which has the same name, but this movie was produced in Japan and the book The Ring which was also made 1998 in Japan.

Main Story

The movie is about the story of Rachel and the mysterious death of her sister. Katie, the sister of Rachel, and a friend of Katie’s, Becca. These two girls talk about the movie, the death, which Katie watched seven days before. Becca tells Katie, that everyone who watched this movie will die within 7 days. Katie laughs about this, but on the same night, she dies in a mysterious way. At Katie’s funeral, her mom asks Katie’s sister, a journalist, to figure out how Katie died. She figures out, that Katie died in bizarre accidents. Rachel goes to the same place, where Katie watched the movie and she watches the same movie. Short after this, she gets a phone call from an unknown number, and a scary voice whispers, “Seven Days”. Later in the movie, there are many changes, but at all this is a well directed movie. There is one very strange part, which is also one of the most scary moments, if the son of Katie draws all these pictures with the girl from the movie and  he tells Rachel, that the ring told him this. For everyone, who likes horror movie, this is a must seen movie.